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Stanford University

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Dantzel Cenatiempo

The Career Development Boot Camp is funded by the MLA's campaign Paving the Way: For the Future of the Humanities.

DeLisa Hawkes

University of Maryland

Dadland Maye

City University of New York

Your boot camp experience will be guided by a team of peer mentors and facilitated by Chris Golde and Stacy Hartman, humanities career professionals.

The boot camp will feature ample opportunities for networking, skill-building, and creating community. 

Welcome dinner with mentor team and MLA staff

Tour of Seattle City Hall and panel discussion with PhDs on staff

MLA Career Fair, featuring employers from across the private and public sectors

Showcase of Career Diversity with twelve humanities PhDs working in a variety of roles and industries

Sponsored by Paving the Way



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City University of New York

Stacy Hartman

Lead Mentor
Stanford University


8–12 January 2020  |  MLA Annual Convention in Seattle 


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Paving the Way is dedicated to raising funds to help graduate students and adjunct faculty members, to promote workforce fairness, and to support national advocacy on behalf of the humanities.

"The Boot Camp helped me think reflectively about who I wanted to be as a professional, then plan actionable next steps for exploring my options. I left our whirlwind few days feeling validated and empowered."

Molly Appel, Penn State University

Find Your Post-PhD Path to Success

"This is not a program that tells you what to choose; it's a program that gives you more choices." 

Dantzel CenatiempoUniversity of Washington

Boot camp fellows will learn to articulate their skills and the importance of their advanced training in the humanities in a variety of contexts. And as part of a cohort of twenty, they will make important professional connections and contribute to an ongoing national conversation about careers for humanities PhDs. 

To be eligible for the boot camp, you must be a current graduate student. All boot camp fellows will receive a $400 travel stipend from the MLA and are expected to request matching funds from their departments. Travel to and accommodations at the MLA Annual Convention are the responsibility of the boot camp fellows.

If you have questions about the boot camp, please write to

At its 2020 annual convention in Seattle, the MLA will offer a four-day Career Development Boot Camp for current PhD students who are considering careers both inside and outside academia.  

Under the guidance of our expert Mentor Team, boot camp fellows will build new skills and explore the range of careers available to them. The 2020 fellows will visit Seattle City Hall to meet humanities and social sciences PhDs who work in a variety of roles in the city's government and to consider what their own skills, values, and perspectives might offer in a civic work context.

About the Boot Camp

The Career Development Boot Camp will take place at the MLA Annual Convention in downtown Seattle. All fellows must arrive on Wednesday, 8 January, and stay through the end of the convention on Sunday, 12 January.

Applications for the 2020 Boot Camp are now closed.